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MinFound Medical Systems


Mongolian Ministry of Health Comittee Visit

After visiting the CMEF 2024, the Mongolian Ministry of Health delegation along with leading healthcare facilities representatives and doctors paid a visit to MinFound Medicals headquarters in Hangzhou, and to Qiantang Campus of Sir Run Run Hospital in Hangzhou to inspect the high-end radiology equipment and facilities in the campus, including the 256-row QuantumEye and the 64-row Cura 778 CT solutions. Remarkably, both CT scanners feature MinFound's solely developed core components, which were key research and development projects of the National “13th Five-Year Plan”.


During the visit, the esteemed delegation had an opportunity to explore MinFounds manufacture site and discover companys R&D projects and products. The highlights of the exhibition that appealed to many visitors were the patented technologies developed by MinFound, and the imaging solutions utilizing them. From ScintCare e580-R to QuantumEye789 and ScintCare PET/CT, our team lead by Pr. Harry Jiang gave an insightful and memorable tour to the foreign guests.



During their visit to Sir Run Run hosspital, the assistant director Dr. Lin Wei accompanied and introduced the historical development and future planning of the medical facility. As a part of introduction, Head of Radiology kindly showed guests the department and shared rich clinical experience.



With the deepening of multi-field cooperation between China and Mongolia, breakthroughs have also been made in the medical and health field. The scope mainly include medical exchange and cooperation, medical infrastructure construction cooperation, medical personnel training and traditional medicine exchanges. Driven by the "One Belt, One Road" initiative, MinFound Medical adheres to independent research and development and manufacturing in China, and is committed to promoting domestic imaging products to the international market.


    This health and medical visit is expected to upbring the new vitality into the cooperation between the two sides in the medical field and promote fruitful cooperation.