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MinFound Medical Systems


Cardio CT solution: Fit All & Beyond

Medical imaging has various purposes and challenges, especially during cardio scanning. For instance, high or irregular heart rates can lead to motion artifacts, compromising image quality. While beta-blockers or other medications can be applied for lowering and stabilizing the heart rate, they may be contraindicated or ineffective in some patients. Patients with arrhythmia, especially atrial fibrillation, pose a significant challenge in obtaining clear images due to the irregular timing of heartbeats. Various artifacts, including motion, beam hardening, and noise, can degrade image quality. Employing strategies to reduce these artifacts requires expertise and sometimes more advanced imaging technology.

What if we had a universal imaging system, that could fit the requirements to enhance the quality and eliminate the challenges radtechs could face during the scanning process? Say no more, MinFound has just the solution that fits all & beyond those requirements.machineScintCare M630 is a universal imaging system

ScintCare M630 is a CT scanner with Mid-to-high-end multipurpose models, that feature excellent hardware configuration and are equipped with QuantumEye advanced application platform to perform all kinds of clinical applications, regardless of the difficulty.

This CT scanner features a high-performance solely developed detector, which ensures quantum enhancement, high X-ray utilization, and low afterglow, as well as implements anti-artifact algorithms technologies. Moreover, the system provides dynamic temperature control technology, which coordinates the intelligent dynamic real-time detection and adjustment of detectors, and system temperature; monitors and adjusts the temperature of the detector single pixel, while maintaining imaging stability and consistency.


ScintCare M630 detector features

Finally, ScintCare M630 functionality stands out in its simplicity yet efficiency. High-end QuantumEye application platform integrated powerful functions and a great variety of medical applications, such as Smartland intelligent positioning, Dual Domain Iterative Technology, Polaris Navigation System, Automated lumbar disc reconstruction, Smart patient table height compensation and many others.


Extensive capabilities of application platform

MinFound Medical develops highly functional CT solutions for various medical facilities. Since 2018 we have established hundreds of reliable partnerships in many countries across Asia, Europe, Africa, and American continents. MinFound’s imaging solutions facilitate to improve the healthcare quality, patient imaging diagnostics experience, and radiology technician's workflow. With MinFound’s products, you can set new standards of imaging beyond infinity.