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MinFound Medical Systems


Innovative Solutions for Radiotherapy Planning

Precise radiotherapy requires high-quality imaging to accurately target the radiation to the tumor while sparing surrounding healthy tissues. CT scanners play a crucial role in this process by providing detailed anatomical information for treatment planning.

Several features of a CT scanner are crucial for precise radiotherapy outcomes, such as slice thickness, spatial and contrast resolution, rotation speed, field of view and some other functions. Below we will look into these capabilities and why they are important during the radiotherapy planning process.

Key goals of radiotherapy planning include distinguishing small structures and accurately delineating the tumor from surrounding tissues as well as differentiation between different types of tissues. To meet such requirements, a CT scanner should have high spatial resolution to ensure precise targeting of the radiation beams. In addition, good contrast resolution allows for enhancing the ability to identify the tumor and critical structures nearby. This is especially important in cases where the tumor may be located near sensitive organs.

Admittedly, spacial and contrast resolutions are coherent with the slice thickness, as the ability to acquire thin slices is essential for capturing fine details and reducing volume averaging effects. Thin slices enable precise localization of the tumor and critical structures, improving treatment accuracy.

Another important feature is that FOV is wide enough to facilitate to imaging of a larger anatomical area in a single scan, which is beneficial for treatment planning as it provides context for the tumor's location relative to surrounding structures.

ScintCare e580-R is an excellent radiotherapy planning solution with a wide bore aperture of 85 cm specifically designed to satisfy the radiotherapy planning process requirements. Its EFOV covers an area up to 850 mm, however, the fine thickness of a slice can be as thin as 0.55 mm, which is a much desirable thickness that serves to the imaging accuracy. Consequently, ScintCare e580-R manifests good spatial and contrast resolutions, enhancing the precision of the radiotherapy planning, and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

MinFound's installation in Malawi

MinFound products are well known for the solely developed high-quality core components and technologies, which combined with professional prompt service support elevate the reliability of the systems on a high level. Pursuing the mission of making healthcare more accessible to people around the world, MinFound strives to deliver the best solutions and efficient care to our customers.

ScintCare e580-R installation in Togo